Proactief beveiligen

Protect Proactively

Proactive security via Secured: what is it and how does it work? Organizations that want to protect themselves usually focus on electronic and structural measures, such as access control, CCTV and burglary detection, possibly with barriers and heavier hinges and locks...

Access Control

Which persons actually have access to the buildings of organization X? As an organization, it is important to consider the greatest / worst damage that could happen. When an organization thinks about this damage, the smaller / less serious damage is by-catch...
Safety en Security

Safety and Security

With regard to safety, a distinction is made between safety and security. Safety concerns unintentional, unintentionally caused hazards to people and the environment with a natural or technological cause, such as a flood, an influenza pandemic or an industrial accident...


Hospitable employees are invaluable to an organization, but not everyone controls hospitality on their own. What are the characteristics of which you can say: if someone has them, then he or she is really hospitable?..

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