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Proactive Security and Guarding

Security can be described as a set of measures to protect a person, object or property against harmful influences.

Harmful influences can come from outside, such as terrorism or organized crime. However, harmful behavior can also manifest itself internally, in a company or organization, for example through theft or fraudulent behavior by an employee.

Security reduces the risks of damage, makes them manageable and thus increases safety. The profiling of measures in the form of security of an organization is also called Security Management. Secured manages the individual security measures and can therefore offer a total solution.


Event Security

The purpose of event security is to prevent calamities at private events, parties or conferences. Secured security guards can use their experience to prevent and resolve unwanted situations so that they do not escalate. Secured is responsible for the access policy, supervision, (stage) security, (artist) accompaniment, stand-by teams and during the construction and dismantling phase of the event. You can count on your event, party or conference to be properly secured.


Supervision & security

“Supervision is the collection of information about the question whether an action or matter meets the requirements set for it, the subsequent forming of an opinion about it and possibly intervening as a result thereof”.

Secured supervisors ensure a safe and livable environment around your company or public domain on a daily basis. Our supervisors have an active and visible presence in the public space. They hold people accountable for their responsibility and take enforcement action if necessary. They work closely with the police and other external partners.

Examples of this are the reduction of nuisance caused by loitering youth, drug and alcohol abuse, pollution and other improper use of public space.


Property security & reception

Object security includes all activities aimed at securing a company or office building. The activities consist of a combination of porter and reception duties, and inspection rounds are also held in and around the building. Object security aims to guarantee the safety of employees, visitors and belongings.

Hospitality and security used to be two separate areas of expertise. Today we see that hospitality and security are an extension of each other and are increasingly being combined. These are the indispensable factors at locations where visitors and employees come and go.

By welcoming visitors and employees and asking if you can be of service, your organization creates a hospitable feeling. In addition, you also work with hospitality on the necessary security of your business premises. The visitor is seen, greeted in a friendly manner and you learn more quickly what their intentions are. A regular visitor will feel welcome and safe.

Someone who intends evil, on the other hand, feels seen and will want to leave your business premises immediately. In our opinion, a combination of hospitality and security is the best way of security.


Air (ports) security

Securing an (airport) port is done according to strict procedures and legal requirements. For example, security guards at port security must be in possession of an X-Ray and ISPS certificate and at airport security must pass the BAST training before they can start working.

The safety level at an (air) port such as Schiphol or the port of Rotterdam is of the highest level.

Cooperation between the private security organizations, KMAR, Customs and the police is intensive, whereby the investigative services guard the “outer shell” and where the security organizations form the “inner shell”.

Secured's security guards are familiar with the procedures, regulations and the complexity of the work.

If you have any questions or interested in what Secured can do for you, please feel free to contact us directly.

Get in touch with us.  Our staff will be happy to help you with advice and solutions for your security concerns.

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