Market Segments

Security, safety & hospitality per market segment

Each sector is unique and has its own specific challenge, regulations and wishes in the field of security, safety and hospitality. Secured takes care of where large groups of people work and gather. Based on the specific needs and wishes of the organization, Secured promotes the safety of your organization for employees, customers, relations and suppliers. Secured has experience in the following industries.

Market Segments


Security, safety and hospitality solutions for (international) hotel chains.

In business (financial) service providers, safety and security are intertwined with the primary process. This starts very concretely with physical (access) security and results in a situation in which employees feel free and safe. And with hospitality as an increasingly important theme for many organizations, efficient processes that contribute to safety and offer total insight are a must.

Secured is familiar with the daily challenges of the hotel industry. Secured's solutions are in line with our own systems, workflow of the hotel industry and enrich the facilities or measures of a safe environment, which also create a pleasant environment.

Secured does this based on insight into the structure, culture of the organization and the way employees think and act. This insight results in a vision and a total solution that fully integrates safety and security into the organization. This ensures overview, control, safety and thus optimal control.

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Utility Buildings

Security, safety and hospitality solutions for data centers, buildings and office buildings.

Office buildings or multi-tenant business buildings have a single or multi-tenant layout. Anyone who uses an office building or business premises can furnish it with installations and equipment that keep out unwanted visitors. Think of barriers, (access) gates, badge readers, cameras and support by man security.

Secured is based on the activities and primary processes that take place in a building and are essential for your organization. Examples are granting access - both to a building and to specific departments or parts within a building. Security - proactively keeping out unwanted persons and situations in a hospitable manner. Safety - timely signaling of unsafe situations in and around the building / site, such as fire can prevent major damage to the continuity of business operations or worse - that is what matters.


Security, safety and hospitality solutions for aviation ports and harbors.

The safety and security challenges in the port sector are essential. In aviation and at shipping ports, suppliers, passengers, goods and personnel go through all kinds of safety checks where only the highest degree of safety is sufficient.

You can go a long way by properly instructing employees, drawing up manageable safety processes and watertight emergency plans.

The safe environment benefits from seamless (cooperative) hardware and software with an essential role for the human factor.


Healthcare Institutions

Security, safety and hospitality solutions for hospitals, healthcare institutions, rehabilitation centers and mental healthcare institutions.

Care centers, hospitals and psychiatric institutions are dealing with developments that respond to various issues, such as security, privacy and hospitality, in order to be able to provide excellent care. It is therefore important to deploy qualified security guards who are present in the background as much as possible, but who offer maximum support in the event of an incident.

Secured thinks, acts and develops from the perspective of the individual and the organizational culture, not from a technology or a product. We stand for effective and client-oriented solutions to create security, tranquility and safety in a care environment. This both inside and outside the walls of the healthcare institution.


Security, safety and hospitality solutions for trade fairs, parties and conferences.

Fairs, parties and conferences revolve around the visitor's experience and three phases. It starts with monitoring the safe progress of the construction phase, such as screening suppliers, supervising installations and goods.

The visitor's guest experience is of the utmost importance during the event. The presence of security guards creates a sense of security, which revolves around the service.

Finally, there is the completion phase of the event, in which the export of the equipment and personnel must be properly managed.

Secured is familiar with all aspects involved in an event.


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