You come up with the question, we do the rest.

We choose the right people who are suitable for the assignment. We ensure that security matches your business continuity. In the event of an emergency, we jump out of bed to limit the damage.


Entering into a partnership with a (new) security company is a thing for many companies. Experiences with, for example, the previous party can lead to reluctance. There are many reasons for this.

A company, organization or institution would like to be able to perform its business operations optimally.

The product or service, customer, employee well-being and property are important aspects that must be safeguarded.

    • After tendering for a security contract, do you “feel” that the security organization in question does not deliver a higher quality, because it has not delegated their best people?
    • That visitors are not treated in a very customer-friendly manner during strict access control?
    • After some time finding out that you have purchased the “same” type of security again?

Many companies and organizations opt for a large security organization and expect to have obtained quality in-house for their security care.  

Security organizations are playing an increasingly important role in the further support and protection of its clients. More and more organizations and companies encounter this problem and are often tied to long contracts.  

Do you recognize this too?

Secured's objective is to receive visitors hospitably and to protect employees, buildings, information and goods.

This means that the security organization must increasingly develop into a mature facility sparring partner who can implement the product "security" at an operational excellence level.

Our method

To be able to protect effectively, you need a threat assessment and the associated handling protocols.

Fixed employees

Secured match security guards who are most suitable for the work to be performed. By deploying a permanent team per object, they become familiar with the object, procedures and employees of the client and they can respond better to any changes that contribute to safety.

One contact person

A permanent contact person who steers operational matters in the right direction and picks up issues that the customer encounters in the process.

Protect Proactively

Securing via Secured is aimed at preventing incidents. This is done by taking preventive measures. Taking preventive measures alone is not enough, because an opponent is constantly looking for new possibilities and vulnerabilities within the security. This means that from a security point of view, Secured is just as (pro)active as the opponent to stay one step ahead. This is possible with proactive security

No notice period

Our clients stay with us because of our quality of service and not because of long contracts. At Secured we believe in our way of providing security and we do not have a notice period.

De Kromhoutwal

Market segments

Secured offers security services in the following market segments: offices, hospitals & healthcare institutions, (international) hotel chains, government institutions and private events.

What can you expect from Secured?

Because we understand the importance of healthy business continuity, Secured's services are geared to this.

The most important principle is to keep what you promise, and you can cancel Secured's services at any time if it does not meet your expectations.

Secured works with a small security team where each employee has extensive experience in security.

At Secured, you always know that we send our best people for the job, who then bring the next employee up to standard if necessary, so that you always get the best service.

Secured invests in its employees to guarantee quality. Every year, our employees receive several training courses in emergency response, first aid, resilience, hospitality, and proactive security.

Secured's reputation grows through its employees.

The relationship of trust that we build with you is extremely important to us. We solve errors without hassle.

Contact us today without obligation!

Our employees are happy to help you with advice and solutions for your safety concern.

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