Safety and Security

Mar 25, 2021

What is safety and security and why are they important parts of a good safety plan?

With regard to safety, a distinction is made between safety and security.

Safety concerns unintentional, unintentionally caused hazards to people and the environment with a natural or technological cause, such as a flood, an influenza pandemic or an industrial accident.

Security concerns dangers that are deliberately pursued, such as theft, destruction, threats, arson, burglary and fraud.

Safety includes a number of elements related to safety. Think, for example, of a fire and inspection round or closing round, checking the extinguishing agents and the emergency response.

The consequences of a fire or water damage can seriously damage the continuity of an organization. Preventing an undesirable situation at an early stage can limit or completely eliminate the damage.

In many buildings and offices (personal) data is processed. If not handled properly, it can lead to a data breach or fall into the wrong hands. Also consider, for example, a window that is open after office hours. These kinds of everyday situations make it very easy for an unwanted person to enter the premises and commit damage or theft.

Security is the continuous observation of deviant behavior or situations that can lead to a company being harmed by individuals and acting on it.

One of the measures that works extremely effectively is proactive security.

It is extremely important to make good agreements about what you want to protect and how this can best be done. Such matters are included in the safety plan.

Security guards from Secured are alert to undesirable situations during their rounds and act accordingly.

Learn more about proactive security by Secured and how it works in our blog.

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