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Mar 15, 2021

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Which persons actually have access to the buildings of organization X?

As an organization, it is important to consider the greatest / worst damage that could happen. When an organization thinks about this damage, the smaller / less serious damage is by-catch.

Human intervention is inevitable in order to properly organize the physical access control of a building. At the same time, the use of modern technology also plays an important role. What is involved?

A lot is involved in organizing optimal physical access control. Not only must the technology function smoothly, but the "human factor" also plays an important role at various points in the process.

Definition of access control

Access control is the process of controlling which individual has or does not have access to a particular building or area and then determining whether or not to grant or deny access.

Three zones

A building can be divided into different zones.

Often three zones are used: a zone accessible to the public, a zone accessible to employees and finally a zone that is accessible to only a few extra authorized employees.

The registration

It starts with a new employee who joins the organization. Registration and input of the employee data leads to a personnel number in the chosen CMS (card management system) with linked, among other things, the name and address details and a start and end date of the validity of the access badge (or end of contract).

Issue of access badge

Once the pass is ready, the employee can pick it up, where identification is required by means of a valid ID. An important role is reserved for the person who issues the new access cards in the verification process. After it has been established that the employee is who he says he is, the access pass is issued and the person has access to the property.

Handling of access badge

A second point where the human side of access control plays an important role is that the employee handles his access badge, the "key" to a house, with care. The pass should not just be lent to others and in case of loss or theft, this should be passed on as soon as possible to the designated reporting point, so that the access badge can be made inactive immediately.

Trust in an access system can therefore only be established and safeguarded if each participant adheres to the agreements, as made jointly and recorded in a policy document (think of tailgating or granting unknown persons access). When issuing the pass, it is advisable to explain the rules regarding the use of the pass to a new employee. This immediately increases the overall security awareness among employees.

Out of service

Not only new employees are added to the CMS, also current employees and employees leaving employment are registered in the system. When an employee is fired immediately or when the employment ends, the card is deactivated in the system.

If an employee leaves the building on his last working day, he must hand in his access pass to the department that manages the CMS. When handing in the pass, an extra control check can be opted for, for example by having the turnstile gate refused, so that the security / reception employee must manually open the entrance gate and then immediately have the opportunity to take the pass.

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